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AI & Data Topical Guide Series

Can artificial intelligence (AI) and data support a more inclusive and equitable South Africa? PAN is collaborating with the University of Pretoria to publish a series of Topical Guides on the social and policy implications of AI and data.

About the Series

The series of PAN Topical Guides on AI & Data seeks to provide key research insights and policy considerations for policy-makers, and other interested stakeholders, on how these technologies need to be developed, used and safeguarded in a manner that aligns with the transformation objectives of South Africa. In addition, each guide outlines ways in which South Africa may respond to the growth of data-driven systems and technologies, including AI, to foster and inculcate a more inclusive and equitable society, rather than deepen divides.

Download Topical Guides

During March and April 2020 we are publishing Topical Guides on the social and policy implications of AI and data for crime prevention and policing, education, migration, cities and towns, health and enabling infrastructure. Follow PolicyActionZA or email us to request updates on new guides.

AI & Data Series 1 - Introducing the Series: Can AI and Data Support a More Inclusive and Equitable South Africa?

AI & Data Series 2 - Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence for Crime Prevention in South Africa

AI & Data Series 3 - AI and Data in Education: Policy Considerations for South Africa

AI & Data Series 4 - AI and Data in South Africa’s Cities and Towns

AI & Data Series 5 - AI, Biometrics and Securitisation in Migration Management: Policy Options for South Africa


AI & Data Series launch on 10 March 2020, BoKaap, Cape Town:

Introduction to the series by Rachel Adams, HSRC

Plenary address by Prof. Cannataci, UN Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy

Panel discussion with representatives from the Information Regulator (Varsha Sewlal), SA Human Rights Commission (Adv Fadlah Adams), 4IR Commission (Michael Gastrow) and Research ICT Africa (Alex Comninos)

Additional interviews and media appearances:

Research ICT Africa interview with Prof. Cannataci

eNCA interview with Prof. Cannataci

SAFM interview with Prof. Cannataci


Photo by ev on Unsplash